- This isn't actually my car, it just looks like it.

I'm Back.....

I've not been here, but now I'm Back

1y ago

Hello all. I haven't been here for quite some considerable time. But anyhow, I'm back so heres whats been going on:


Well, I've been driving since August 2018, it's lots of fun and I actually have my own car: a 2008 Hyundai Getz. Strictly speaking it isn't mine yet but it will be mine in June, as my mother is giving it to me. Im going to have to pay the insurence and all that stuff. Whereas now I drive it and put fuel in it.


Yep. I am now in University. Im studying cyber security and actually living by myself and needless to say, it's bloody brilliant. Next year when I have the car for good it shall be amazing.

So that's mainly it, well, not really. The rest of it is boring depressing stuff and I shan't bother you with that. Hope you're all good.

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