I'm Back!

I'm back to posting after my short DT break

3w ago


About 5 days ago I said I was going to be taking a short break in order to spend some time thinking about what I wanted to be my newest personality quiz series. Well, I figured it out, and now I'm back! I will publish the first edition of this new series sometime today.

M​y post schedule now consists of:

- "Q​uiz: can you tell what these cars are with their body style changed"?

- Upcoming personality quiz series

-​ Random "What car are you based on your ____ preferences" quizzes.

- Weekly rants (I missed a week or two, but it's back now)

- Miscellaneous trivia/personality quizzes

- M​iscellaneous Articles

- P​olls about newly released cars,

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  • Welcome bacc

    Looking forward!

      23 days ago

      23 days ago
  • Very epic.

      23 days ago
  • Bonjour Monsieur

      23 days ago
  • Welcome back 👍

      23 days ago