I'm changing things a little bit...

The reviews thing didn't work that well, so I'm trying something else!

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As you may have seen, I put out a post on here last month asking you all to review something that had been released in September and that the best review would get TribeCoins. Well, only one person posted a review that fit the criteria. When only one person posts something that fits, it's not really a contest is it? So I took a step back, tried to think about some new ideas to get you all involved in this new community that I'm trying to build, and came up with a solution.

I'm broadening out the criteria to include ANYTHING, so long as it's about music. You can write a review of a new album, an old album, a retrospective, an article about the story behind a song or an album, a profile about your favourite artist, a crossover between music and cars, pretty much anything you want. The only requirements is that it has to be about music and that it has to be posted on here. The best articles of the month will get featured in a post at the end of the month and the very best article will get some tribecoins!

It's the first day of October, so let's start this month off with a bang and hopefully we'll get some great content on this part of DriveTribe!

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