I'm collecting my Focus ST3 Later!

But there's a snag!

Everything's all sorted!

Finance? Check!

Deposit? Check!

Insurance? Check!

Tax? Check!

I will be picking up the ST3 tonight. However there is one small downside. I am reliably informed that Channel 5's 'Police Interceptors' are filming locally. Now this wouldn't have been a concern in the fairly innocuous Jag.

The X-Type

The X-Type

If Mr. Plod spotted the old X-Type he'd probably just assume I was a pensioner driving the 2.0d and wonder why I wasn't towing a caravan. The X-Type doesn't look sporty, it probably isn't actually sporty - even though with a 3.0 V6 it's actually quite fast!

Now the ST3 is going to be my first ASBO car. I've never owned a performance Ford before... At least not unless you count a crappy 1990 Fiesta with a 1940's engineered 1.0 petrol engine that produces less power than one of my farts. It did have a spoiler! Though I have to admit a car that topped out at 80 mph and needed a downhill stretch to get to 60 mph in under 20 seconds, probably didn't need the down-force.

So tonight I'm going to be in my new, 250 BHP chariot, capable of producing arm-wrenching torque-steer... But I'm going to be pottering along... I'm going to be driving like Mother Teresa on her way to the second coming, with the Pope in the passenger seat. Hoping, praying even, that I don't get pulled over on live TV just because I'm driving an ASBO car.

Yes, I'd quite like a television motoring journalism career. However I really wouldn't like to make my debut on 'Police Interceptors'.

I suppose in some ways it's maybe NOT a bad thing, going steady on day one. It might take a bit of getting used to - 250 BHP in a torque-steery front wheel drive car. Plus I've never had a turbo petrol before! Taking it easy on day one is probably for the best.

I suppose if I DID get pulled over (because they think I stole it) then I could see that as my opportunity?

I could be really polite to the officer, apologize for wasting his time by driving carefully in an ASBO car, then proceed to start an impromptu car review while the camera is rolling. I suppose the only problem is, I won't be able to talk too much about the ST3's strengths while plod is standing alongside me... I can't mention the muscle-tearing torque steer, the reality-distorting performance or the velcro-like grip.... Instead it'll be all boring people carrier comments, like how many cup holders it's got or how comfy the seats are. Maybe mention that the head room is pretty good? Tell them that the economy is pretty impressive for a 247 BHP car?

Pffft! I don't think it'd be worth bothering! That sort of review could NEVER do the Focus ST3 justice!

Martyn Stanley

[ICT] Irreverant Car Talk


X-Type 2 year ownership review:- drivetribe.com/p/MTW-8xphS0iibKc0hwVSjg/Zyb7fQmkR4-awfk3kaYrzQ

Focus ST3 Test Drive Report:- drivetribe.com/p/SgWfX4AAQ9658v3Fh6MYrg/TatPpTmnRzqnTsyLyb0L9Q

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  • Very amusing! Grey hair and a bald pate are a helpful disguise in my case!

      4 years ago