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I'm designing a trike/microcar, which config should I keep developiong?

Which one do you think is better for daily use?

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This is technically a repost since I noticed several spelling errors and I also accidetally posted this in the wrong tribe, apologies.

I'm in a 3D design and printing course and I'm close to finishing it, the course requires a final project so I chose to try making a tilting trike like the Carver 3 wheeler but with my own design preferences, I love microcars but they aren't powerfull nor stable enough most of the time and when they are, they come with a massive pricetag, so here are my desing requirements, which are basically most of what my Picanto can do but being considerably easier to park and maybe swerve between traffic like a motorcycle.

- A proven engine known for being good in highways and cities.

- Narrower than a subcompact car (I chose the Toyota IQ as a reference) so it can maneouvre between traffic lines with relative ease and care.

- As long as the Toyota IQ or shorter so it can park perpendiculary in a row of paralel parked cars, which basically means it's length has to be equal or less than the width of a regular car.

- Manual gearbox.

- Room for at least 2 adults, not necessarily a 2 seater but rather a 1+1 + a little bit of cargo

- Being able to tilt so it can take normal or sudden turns at speed without tipping over like a regular static 3 wheeler, the Reliant Robin being the worst offender. Ideally 45 degrees but I settled for 30.

- Enclosed cockpit.

- Minnimal electronics or digitalization

So, what did I end up with?

In order to make the chassis, I had to make several assets so I could build it around them; so far I've made the seats, engine, gearbox, pedal box, radiator/s, fuel tank and wheels.

The overall desing is an inverted trike, 2 wheels in front, one on the rear, the only features worth talking about are the seats which are very basic bomber/aviator seats so they don't occupy too much room while providing lateral support, the pedal box which is supposed to move instead of having adjustable seats.

The engine and gearbox are the most special parts, I've designed the engine after the 1.8 litre 6 cylinder boxer from a Honda Goldwing and the gearbox has proven to be quite interesting. Since I don't think it would be very comfortable or easy to change gears with your hand, I've decided to use a CVT but with a twist, since the vehicle is going to tilt like a plane when it turns... I decided to try making a manual CVT so you can change gear ratios by pushing and pulling a lever like an aircraft's throttle, I don't really know how it would work IRL but I've thought that maybe the pulleys can be actuated hidraulically to keep it as analog as possible, I've included a regular clutch because I'm pretty sure you cannot change gears on a CVT while you are standing still and I think that disengaging the engine from the gearbox can help solving that problem plus it should help extending the driving belt/chain lifespan.

But there is where the good news stop coming, I have arranged the assets I've completed in two ways, a 2 seat row, narrow trike whch I hav called 1F1R (1Front-1Rear), and a single row of seats which is slightly wider and I named 2F (2Front). But now I can't chose which one should i keep working on, both have some pretty good things going for them, they do very similar things but their shape makes them two very simmilar, but still quite distinct faces of the same coin.

The narrow one is perfect to slip though traffi, I'm aiming for it to be like 80 to 100 cm wide, but is very long in order to fit a passanger comfortably which also meansit will be harder to park and it barely has any room for cargo which whould have to be stored in chests on the sides and the rear seat if there is no passenger.

The single row one has way better cargo capacity and is way shorter which is great for parking, but its aproximatedy 1.2 to 1.4 meters wide which can make driving thorugh traffic hard if not impossible. Also, being wider can make it harder to tilt but I have no way of knowing that and both desings have the same engine and gearbox.

Here's how things look.

So, thats what i've managed to get done and I don't know which one to work on.

I can't work on both, so I'm gonna let you choose which one, think about what desing would be more useful to you, keep in mind that the 2 row is slightly longer than a Toyota IQ and the single row is almost as wide, I'd like you to share your thoughts specially if you are a biker since swerving through traffic is quite an attractive point to these kind of vehicles.

So, based on your experience/preferences:

Thanks for reading. Also feel free to repost so more people can participate.

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