I​m gonna clear this crap up now ok

T​here really isn't a definite winner to this argument but here's my irrelevant opinion

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I​ hate BEVs. Your not gonna change my mind. I think that in the short term, they will be the future of the car. But no matter what advances in tech there are, Synthetic fuels will emit far less CO2 emissions in their lifetime. If your looking for an even more environmentally friendly fuel sorce then look at hydrogen. BEVs with Solid State batteries are cool but below in the environmental heirachy to Synthetics because most emissions produced and lives lost in BEV batteries are from Lithium and not cobalt. Lithium is necessary for a battery. BEVs have been proven to be non-renewable many times so yes, as I have said about elevnty-billion times by now, better than fossil fueled powered ICE cars but no matter what, if you've got a battery, still crappy for the environment. Even a hydrogen car is contributing to global warming. Currently I think that Synthetics and Biofuels SHOULD be what we're looking at as processes of harnessing them are always improving, bringing prices down, and they are so convenient as infrastructure is already there. However they still contribute to global warming. People will say BEVs are a step in the right direction to stopping global warming which is true in most scenarios, but we have better steps in the right direction. But they are only stepping stones, and that's exactly why I said short term at the start of the article. In the long term we need to find a truly carbon neutral, or better than that where it takes away Co2, method of transport, otherwise whilst its slowing down with a car like an FCEV, its not stopping any time soon.

C​an I please make it clear that this article was not aimed at anyone who disagrees with me. Feel free to have respectful arguments and opinions in the comments and thanks for reading!

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  • I can agree with that, personally I am fine to accept BEVs and considering they have the most support right now and are more environmentally friendly than most ICE cars I will defend them. I do agree other fuel sources do need to be looked into more an there are huge issues with BEVs but I think that we need to rethink more than just how we power are cars if the automotive sector is going to be carbon neutral. Thank you for introducing me to synthetic fuels and I really enjoy reading your articles as they are well researched and interesting, although I don't always agree with them.

      14 days ago