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I'm hoping to see these cars in Forza Horizon 5... but probably won't

No doubt many of these will be considered Hot Takes

5w ago

It's been over a week now since Xbox announced their latest instalment of the Horizon series and it's fair to say I'm looking forward to thrashing all kinds of motoring machinery around the Mexican scenery. It looks spectacularly realistic and will no doubt be incredible fun just like its predecessor. Like anyone else interested, I have began to wonder what I'd like to see in this game that's not been in the current UK based game. Most of these frankly haven't a hope in hell of being a reality, but I still think these cars would be amazing additions to the game and none of them are supercars (well maybe one)

Saab 900 Turbo

There are no Saabs in Forza Horizon 4, this needs to be rectified I feel. Of all the cars in Saabs history, the 900 turbo is certainly one of their finest. Cosmetic mods don't need to be extensive for this car, engine and drivetrain swaps will be enough.

Honda S660

This little pocket rocket is probably the only one I'd be expecting to see, to be honest I'm surprised it's not already in FH4. The body kit from Liberty Walk is a must in terms of upgrades, then add a turbocharged 4cyl and all wheel drive, you've got yourself a winning recipe.

VW Caddy Maxi

Pre-facelift is better looking in my opinion

Pre-facelift is better looking in my opinion

All vans are cool and these vans are by far the coolest. Many prefer the short wheelbase model (which I actually owned until recently) but for me this is the one to have. A supercharged VR6 swap with 4motion would be impossibly expensive to build in real life, but in the virtual world it would be a brilliant supercar slayer.

Toyota Troop Carrier

The most basic off roader you can buy today, the mods to this would need to be through the stratosphere for it to be a brilliant dirt racer. I could actually see this in the game but I doubt there's enough enthusiasm for it sadly.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR

This car hasn't even been revealed yet, all we have are drawings and a wonderful spec sheet. Can you imagine how amazing it would be if they used Forza to unveil this car. This would be my go to car for any competitive playing if it was to appear in the game.

Porsche 904

This little concept car is a prime example of a car that we all should wish was real. Powered by a Ducati V4 and based of VWs lightweight XL1 ecocar. There isn't much I know about it other than that but look at it, what other reason could you need to want this than how it looks.

Raleigh Safety Seven

The dumbest idea for a car in a Forza game and as a result that makes it perfect. Mod it to be a bonkers off road racer (something it was NEVER meant to be) and just have a laugh trying to keep it upright at full speed.

Saab 9000

This is a car that holds a special place in my heart... for being a car I had to work on too many times. I'd love to have one of these with the best bits cherry picked from the Saabs Italian sisters. The Ferrari derived V8 from the Lancia Thema, the AWD system out of the Alfa Romeo 164 and added supercharger for good measure. I could never afford to build such a machine, but again the beauty of Forza is you can build something close to your dreams and enjoy it from your couch.

Time will tell what the final car list will be and if any of my hopefuls will feature (highly unlikely) But regardless I can guarantee one thing, I will spend a lot of my spare time playing it.

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Comments (6)

  • Saab would be soooooo cool to have in game

      1 month ago
  • i wanna see cybertruck and volvo XC

      26 days ago
  • I don't know how car licensing works, but also being able to choose between coupe, convertible, sedan and wagon variants of the same car would be nice to but won't happen.

      1 month ago
  • i hope the S660 makes it but that seems to be a JDM only proposition. as for the landcruiser, i'm not quite sure what toyota's stance is on licensing their cars out as it seems to change once every so often. and as for the raleigh... you have to love the fact it's called the "safety? when jeremy clarkson proved that this sort of three wheeled design really isn't

    also i'm personally hoping to see THE mexican car make it into the game - the mastretta MXT. for reasons we all know...

      30 days ago
  • I completely agree with the Caddy. We need more vans, and caravans would be cool too

      1 month ago