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I'm not the guy who posts such stuff, but in recent times, it has become a concern for me. I'm seeing many people are taking breaks from DT(Ig I've already seen abt 3-4 people now), and all are having the same complaint-some Random people are threating and bullying them in DMs and Comments. I mean-why do we need such people here who just wanna be Saddistic bitches?! So here's my request to all the authorities concerned-Plzz go through this issue and take action and give whatever they deserve!

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  • Idk. DT just isn’t what it used to be. You’d never see posts posts like this 3 or even 1-2 years ago…

    Ive had my toxic moments here and there (i won’t lie) but picking on people (or whatever you want to call it) or the point where their only option is to leave DT is kinda messed up.

    Kinda makes you wonder who’s hiding their toxicity…

      5 days ago
    • Ig the ones who have been Toxicated by the Toxic need to reveal to the authorities

        5 days ago