I'm thinking of starting a new section called THE GOOD,THE BAD and THE UGLY.....

It's gonna be interesting!😁

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Well,I haven't written many articles in DT.So,I came up with a CRAZY IDEA!

It's called THE GOOD,THE BAD and THE UGLY.Lemme explain how this is gonna work:-

I'll take any car.For EXAMPLE,I'll consider a VW SCIROCCO Mk1,which many adore

VW Scirocco

VW Scirocco

I'll start with some history on the car,like what was its purpose,why they made it,why it became popular etc etc.

Then,start with the GOODS.Here,I'm gonna talk what is/wasgood abt the car.It can be anything:-From DESIGN to FEATURES,RIDE & HANDLING etc etc

Next,onto THE BAD.Here,I'll stress on the things which are not GOOD,but neither WORST.It may include PRICES,BRAKING etc etc.......

Last part comes to THE UGLY.Here comes the NEGATIVES of the car,can be anything......

Finally,I'm gonna end with my VERDICT and let you all argue with me in the COMMENTS!!

So,this is how it's gonna work.I'm personally excited abt this.Want your opinions!😁😁

Thanks for reading!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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