Imagine upgrading from a SsangYong to a 536-hp electric bullet

That’s what happened to an Italian importer

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Back in the Summer I went to Milan for a car show called ‘Mi.Mo.’, and when I looked through the list of exhibitors, I spotted a name I recognised: Koelliker.

Koelliker isn’t a manufacturer, it is an importer and distributor I’m familiar with because I’ve worked with them in the past. Last I heard, they were selling Mitsubishi and SsangYong. But then I double-checked and found out they’re no longer working with these brands, and they’ve instead teamed up with five EV-only brands including Karma Automotive. Well, now.

I wanna preface this. I love SsangYong, I have an affection for the brand but unfortunately the company isn’t doing great. It’s been on the brink of bankruptcy for a while and even the Korean government couldn’t do much to help. I knew that Koelliker were eventually going to drop the brand but I had no idea they were going to add Karma to their portfolio. That’s quite the upgrade.

Karma Automotive was created from the ashes of a now defunct automaker called Fisker Automotive, originally founded in California by Danish designer Henrik Fisker. Some of you may remember it because James May once drove a Fisker Karma on old Top Gear.

Wanxiang Corporation - a Chinese investment group (duh) - acquired the rights to the brand when it went bankrupt, changed the name from Fisker Automotive to Karma Automotive, and hired Henrik Fisker himself to design the cars, which is why the ‘Revero’ looks a lot like the old Fisker Karma.

And that’s a great thing, if you ask me, because the Karma Revero looks amazing. I got the chance to see it live at the 2019 LA Auto Show and it’s beautiful. Long, sleek, slender, elegant.

They’ll launch a new GT model in the coming months but, in the meantime, you can buy the GS6 model, which is powered by a 536-hp electric powertrain and comes with a range of 360 miles. Pricing starts from $85,000. There’s also an online configurator if you wanna try and build yours. I haven’t driven the Karma yet, hopefully that’ll change soon.

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Comments (11)

  • Imagine upgrading from a SsangYong to a 536-hp electric bullet @tribe

      13 days ago
  • I really liked the Fisker and the now Karma, but would have to stay with a model S if those were my only 2 choices. The reason being proven tech. The Model S is real world proven and generally known to be quite reliable. If I were to purchase one of these it would be my daily so it is a major factor. I'm still going with a C8 though. Will be put on order next summer for 2023 model year. 😁 I'm not quite ready to switch to electric.

      12 days ago
  • Why the massive bonnet though,EVs don’t have to be that shape?

      8 days ago
  • Very attractive looking, kind of reminds me of a Maserati. But quite underpowered compared to the Taycan, let alone the Plaid.

      11 days ago
  • British Racing Green, though, please.

      13 days ago