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Imagine You're Going On A Date, What Car Do You Drive?

Bring out your inner Romeo/Juliet. Well, either that or your inner Mr. Bean.

12w ago

Yes, this is a reboot of an old post I made but I think the situation calls for it, don't you? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, aka the day most of us are going to be alone. Then again, not complaining.

Soooooooooo, that brings us to the very important question at hand. Imagine, you're in a different world where you have a Valentine's date and a school that's actually cool. So, what car are you employing for driving you and your date to, well, your date? Here're my choices:

I would take either a S63 AMG or a Polestar 1 or a DB11. Reason being they're all elegant sports cars that still have that rawness in them. They ooze an aura of opulence and yet when you sit in them, you'll feel that craving to take them to the track. Because who doesn't love to drift luxury coupes, right?

Welp, that's me. What are you taking?

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