imagining time attack cars

2y ago


First of all it is an absolute pleasure to finally be in DRIVETRIBE and finally be able to share and be shared with from this fantastic world that is automotive world.

For the ones who don't know me, one of my greatest if not the greatest automotive passion has to be time attack cars, this is my first post so i decided to make a compilation of some of my time attack car illustrations. but make sure to stay tuned as i will have a lot of special articles and images about pretty much everything car related, from kei cars to race cars, time attack to lowriders ETC, having in mind i will always make sure to share and cover the most unusual car choices as well as their modifications, my main post will be Digital related work (photoshop renders, illustrations, vector, 3d, etc) which allows for a pretty interesting imagination of the automotive world.

ok enough talking, here is the images, enjoy.



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