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Impatient bus driver overtakes a car and almost causes a head-on-collision

This is the shocking moment a bus overtakes two vehicles by driving in the oncoming traffic lane and nearly causing a head-on collision.

This is the shocking moment a bus overtakes two vehicles by driving in the oncoming traffic lane and nearly causing a head-on collision.

The incident was captured on the dashcam of a car, which was being driven along Gibbons Road in Birmingham when the impatient bus driver of the Number 48 West Midlands route swerved into the oncoming traffic lane.

The motorist, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was travelling around 20 miles per hour down the road, which is the street's speed limit, when the bus sped up to around 30 miles per hour to get in front of the two cars.

Dashcam footage from the back of the car shows the bus driving behind another Mercedes but it then pulls out into the opposite side of the road where oncoming traffic is coming from.

The 30-year-old motorist said he could not believe the bus driver would take such a risk with the lives of passengers on the bus, other motorists and pedestrians looking to cross to road.

As the bus speeds and overtakes the vehicles, it nearly smashes head-on into a smaller vehicle near a traffic island. Both the bus and the car abruptly hit the brakes, narrowly avoiding a collision, where he said the bus driver and the motorist travelling in the opposite direction exchanged a few words.

The car driver told MailOnline: 'There was no reason for the bus to overtake two vehicles on a road with speed humps, pedestrian crossings and keep left bollards.

'There were three cars travelling in the oncoming direction. Now had the first vehicle refused to reverse, the bus would have been stuck on the wrong side of the road and there would have been a road block.

'It was pretty dangerous had a pedestrian walked out on the pedestrian crossing. To avoid hitting the pedestrian, the driver would have to brake hard.

'This could have had a affect on any passengers who had just got on the bus and not yet seated or any passengers who had got up to get off at the next stop.'

The car driver, who lives in the area, said in all his time driving down the road he had never seen such reckless actions taken by a motorist.

The incident, which took place on September 10, was not reported to police, but National Express said the company were not investigating the incident.

A spokesman for the company told MailOnline: 'National Express West Midlands holds all our drivers to the very highest standards and we are investigating these incidences fully.'

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  • Sack the cunt and remove his license indefinitely!!!😡

      3 years ago
  • What a pillock, deserves to lose his licence and his job. One of the worst I've seen.

      3 years ago
  • As a full PCV licence holder, I'd have knocked the driver cold and taken over, straight to the nearest police station.

      3 years ago
  • sack and ban the twat

      3 years ago
  • How this idiot has still got a job is beyond me, if id of been a passenger on that bus i'd of kicked the shit out of the driver

      3 years ago