Import face off - Tucson jan. 2017

The Desert Street Scene cruise to IFO in Tucson was held on January 8th 2017. Our day started early in the morning as we all met at Ikea in Tempe, AZ and prepared for the 2 hour drive south into Tucson. After waiting a short time for some great cars the cruise began shortly after 7am. there was a wide variety of cars from Scions to Hondas and even some European toys.

After arriving on site at Tucson Dragway everyone was packing into the lot and prepping their rides for the day. Most people were just parking their cars then heading off to check out all of the other rides while some people spent some extra time shining up their wheels and paint or setting up a full display to show off all of their hard work.

After snapping some quick shots of the cars we met up with the IFO models Sarah and Lindsey. Models at Import Face Off are a fan favorite and you are always sure to find the ladies walking the show ready to take some pictures with you or your ride. This was the first IFO event for both Sarah and Lindsey and they will once again be representing IFO for the Chandler, AZ event on Feb. 12th 2017.

Import Face Off at Tucson Dragway wouldn't be complete with a full day of racing. Even though it's labeled as Import Face Off, the domestics are always welcome and encouraged to participate. With a variety of cars lining up side by side and ripping down the strip it gives the spectators one great show to see who is going to be the fastest!

For more pictures from this event as well as others please visit our website at, or to see future events with us follow us on Facebook and Instagram @DesertStreetScene.

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