Important car dates in September

All sorts of important unveils: Maserati, Jeep, Dacia, Lucid...

Monday the 1st

At 17:40 BST, get ready to meet yet another Skoda SUV. The Enyaq is Skoda's vision of an electric mid-sized SUV. We've already caught a glimpse of its boxy silhouette and the usable and durable cabin, similar to the one you'll find in Skoda's latest cars.

Up to 500 kilometres on a full charge is the brand's target to make this SUV an everyday, usable vehicle.

Also on the 1st

Back in France, Peugeot is preparing the unveiling of the facelifted 3008, one of the very best selling SUVs in Europe and the leading light of French SUVs since 2016.

Changes will be minimal, the interior will adopt fresh new equipment and the exterior will be tweaked to match the latest Peugeot styling trends.

Thursday the 3rd

Jeep will pull the covers off the thoroughly teased Grand Wagoneer.

From recent teasers, we've seen that it'll get an enormous glass roof, a reworked version of the traditional Jeep grille, and decals of the original Jeep Grand Wagoneer. This might be Jeep's answer to the Bronco Sport, only bigger.

Wednesday the 2nd

After months of waiting, the leading light in the world of luxury saloons will be fully revealed. Progressively, the S class has shown up its face, centre console technologie and part of its interior.

So let's all be prepared to suck up exactly what the Germans have been up to during those endless months of waiting. This is not only an important reveal for Mercedes but also for all of us, as the S class always brings a new benchmark to the luxury cars market.

Monday the 7th

Good news, it's the new Dacia Sandero!

New looks, more technologie and hopefully not much more expensive, one of the French's favourite car is getting a well-needed and well-deserved important refresh. The Sandero will share many of its parts and technologies with the latest Renault Clio for a better deal.

Wednesday the 9th

The production version of the much-talked-about Lucid Air will be unveiled on September the 9th. Where the smooth design should be definitive, specifications could vary by a fraction.

The ones we're familiar with today are 640 km of range, 0 to 60 mph in 2,5 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph. This is possible mainly thanks to a 130 kWh battery pack.

Also on the 9th

This is Maserati's most important car since the Levante as it brings with its future hybrid technologie, a new direction for the brand.

For now, the mid-engine car we're getting uses a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 pushing out 621 hp. Of course, one of the most important traits in a Maserati is its elegant looks which we can't really depict for the moment, personally very much looking forward to seeing the real thing.

Wednesday the 23rd

This day marks the unveiling of a new member in Volkswagen's electric cars segment, the ID4. We've seen sketches, we've seen official photos but this day will bring specifications and information to Volkswagen's new electric SUV.

This very day, you'll also be able to order your ID4 with Volkswagen opening the reservation box (really) not long after its unveiling.

Thursday the 24th

As I'll be talking about in an upcoming post, on the 24th of September, Ford will bring out the hot ST version of the Puma SUV.

Expect similar performance as the Fiesta ST only with a slightly higher centre of gravity. Looks-wise, the standard Puma is already a cool looking machine so the ST treatment will only make it more of a looker. However, that's not all, because I believe the Puma ST will be a fantastic all-round car. You'll learn more about that point in my future post coming out on September the 5th.

Sometime during September

Ferrari will launch a Spider version of the 812 Superfast. More noise, closer to the elements, and just as madly powerful, sensations guaranteed!

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Comments (2)

  • Don't we already have an open-top 812 in the gts?

      19 days ago
    • That's what I thought but apparently this is a new version, maybe it's got a different roof... Ferrari will do anything g to create a bit of hype

        19 days ago