IMSA RXR One is a Madder, Meatier Mercedes-AMG GT S

Jeffry Haikel posted in TGZ
3y ago
- While the RXR One is obviously based on the AMG GT S, it looks like a combination of it and the GT4 race car version. The aero is absolutely insane, but the paint finish is as smooth as Iron Man's suit.
- IMSA became famous almost ten years ago with its Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago projects. I haven't heard much of them since, but they're probably back on the map with this monster AMG project.
- It seems they want to impress us with what they can do under the hood as well. While most have only taken the 4-liter twin-turbo V8 to 600 or 700 HP, IMSA says its version puts out 860 HP and 1,000 Nm of torque.
- Clearly, the body has been widened to show off, but it also allows extended tracks. All the air intakes serve a purpose too. The wings and spoilers make the AMG GT 55mm wider at the front and 65mm wider at the rear.
- The exhaust cuts through the silence like a horror movie scream. Its design reminds me of race cars, as well as the Porsche Carrera GT for some odd reason.
- Unique center-lock wheels have been fitted with Pirelli Zero Trofeo R.
- The aero completely changes the look to Lamborghini levels of lunacy while staying true to Mercedes' rounded design. Most of the panels are made from carbon fiber to save as much as 300 kilograms, a bold claim which I hope to see verified.
- Oh, and there’s a sturdier clutch pack, an upgraded gearbox and a forged driveshaft to cope with all that additional muscle, so don’t let it be said that this German juggernaut isn’t the total package.
- Back off because it's going to bite!

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