In 1967 Kawasaki presented the new A7 Avenger

The bike derived from the A1 Samurai produced starting from 1966

19w ago

In the mid-1960s Kawasaki was very interested in expanding their sales in Europe and North America and to do so began creating models specifically designed for these markets. Among the vehicles created in this period there was also the A7 Avanger, derived from the A1 Samurai built starting in 1966.

Compared to the Samurai, from which most of the components were derived, the Avenger had been equipped with a new, enhanced propulsion unit. Specifically, it was a 350 cc engine equipped with two Mikuni carburetors that allowed it to generate the power of 42 hp.

Managed by a five-speed gearbox and propelled by a 13.5-liter tank, the engine was able to push the Avanger up to a top speed of 170 km/h. The braking system consisted of two drum brakes, while the 18" rims were made of steel.

The bike was produced until 1971, when it was replaced by the more modern S2 Mach II.


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