In 1982 the Paul Baron Bailey Design built a spider version of the Lotus Esprit

Called Saint Tropez, it was built in seven specimens

12w ago

After the success of the first generation of the Esprit presented in 1974, Lotus decided to build a new version in 1978. Named S2, it was recognizable by new design elements including 14" Speedline alloy wheels, air intakes positioned behind the windows, integrated rear spoiler and new rear lights derived from the Rover SD1. The instrumentation was made by Smiths while numerous switches and buttons were derived from the Morris Marina.

As engine was equipped a 160 hp Lotus 907 2.0 four-cylinder managed by a Citroen C35 five-speed manual gearbox. Built until 1982, the S2 was only sold in a coupé version, but some tuners also built spider models.

The first company to create a variant of this type was the British Paul Baron Bailey Design, which in 1982 presented the Esprit Saint Tropez. Mechanically unchanged compared to the standard version, it was modified in the rear section with the removal of the rigid roof which was replaced with a foldable variant built in canvas.

The trunk was modified to accommodate the folding roof and the frame was reinforced to compensate for the disappearance of the hard top. A total of seven examples were built and today they are highly sought after by collectors.


Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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