In 1990, the latest evolution of the BMW M3 E30 was born

Called Sport Evolution, 600 units were produced until 1991

6w ago


After being unveiled in 1985, the BMW M3 had achieved great commercial and sporting success. After being updated for the first time in 1988, the M3 underwent further evolution in 1990.

That year, in fact, the new regulations for the DTM and other championships were approved which made it possible to increase the performance of the racing cars if at least 500 models homologated for road circulation were built.

The new M3 was called Sport Evolution and was recognizable by the new enlarged front bumper and the new rear spoiler configurable in three different settings. The engine was fitted with a new BMW S14 2.5 four-cylinder engine managed by a five-speed manual gearbox and combined with rear-wheel drive.

Capable of generating the power of 238 hp, the propulsion unit was able to push the Sport Evolution up to the maximum speed of 250 km/h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. Other changes were the installation of new components including an updated braking system and new 16" alloy wheels. The Sport Evolution was built in 600 units until 1991, when the M3 E30 was replaced by the new E36.


BMW M3 Sport Evolution Test Drive


Thanks to Valentina Zanola and Alessandro Renesis for the cooperation


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