In 2013, the Swedish police acquired several Volvo XC70s

The cars, which remained in service until 2016, were considered among the best ever used by the Swedish police

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It was 1998 when Volvo presented its new XC70, a special version of the V70 specially designed to be used on particularly bumpy roads. The car had a notable commercial success thanks to an excellent quality of construction and was produced in three different series until 2016.

Its efficient performance led Polismyndigheten to request several units for its fleet in 2013. All models were recognizable by the specific livery of the Swedish police and used a 215 hp 2.5 six-cylinder engine managed by a six-speed automatic gearbox and combined with all-wheel drive.

Compared to the original models, the vehicles reserved for the police had been equipped with sirens, emergency lights, first aid kit, weapon rack and encrypted multifrequency radio.

The XC70 remained in service until 2016, when it was replaced by the new V90 Cross Country which is still currently in service.

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