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Dare to be (smaller) different.

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The world seems full of people who must follow the trend. If you choose not to follow the trend, you're often looked at as if you're a little insane. When my wife told me she was pregnant, I didn't do what TV shows, movies, and ad's told me to. I didn't buy an SUV.

To me, SUV's are boring. Don't get me wrong, there have been few exceptions (GMC Typhoon comes to mind), but for the most part... they're the newest way to show off how much you're willing to pay every month. Most SUV owners must have leather, SatNav, as many speakers as the manufacture offers, cup holders that cool or heat your drink, and chrome, a lot of chrome. These 4 to 5 TON machines are 4x4 or AWD, standard. Tinted windows are a must, which seems strange to me, because one point of having a $75,000+ SUV is to show off. You'd think you'd want people to look inside your SUV and wish they were you. Right?

My world is a little different. My first car was small. My favorite cars were my small cars. I never felt in danger, I never felt unsafe. I felt at home. I felt like I was in a nimble little go-kart.

Loving small, nimble cars is one main reason I chose my Porsche 911. I almost test drove a BMW M3 the day I went to look at the 911. I probably would have liked it, to be honest. But, I'm glad I decided to get what I came to see. The 911 is truly a work of art.

I have found, though, that people (guys and gals alike) feel threatened, somehow, by merely seeing a bright red 911 on the road with them.

Something wired to the brain of an SUV driver tells them that this Porsche not only needs to be tailgated, but passed. At all costs, including putting the driver and any children in the Porsche in danger.

This makes me realize, perhaps, why people who drive Porsche 911's either sell them, or drive them like their trying for an all time record at the Nurburgring. Myself, usually drive the speed limit, or at least very close. ...and this shorts out something in the SUV (and some pick-up drivers) drivers brain. They can't understand why this Porsche in front of them is driving the speed limit.

Just the other day, a guy in a white pick-up hurried for some time to catch up to me, tailgated me, despite the fact that I was going a little quicker than the posted speed. I watched this guy losing his mind behind me as I stopped at stop signs (how dare I!!) and accelerated in a calm manner. The first chance he could, he passed me. (read: I allowed him to pass)

I've been told that buying a Porsche represents a 'mid-life crisis', but I now truly believe that buying the most expensive SUV or Pick Up is the new, socially acceptable, mid-life crisis. It's OK to spend nearly $100k on a rolling living room. In fact, both Wife and Husband require one, even if they don't have kids.

Buying a Porsche, however, is a way to show off. Even if you didn't want to. I didn't intend to show off. My purchase was purely function. Granted, the function was going fast, taking corners with quick precision, and enjoying the car daily. I imagine some people think I'm showing off by driving through town in my bright red Porsche. Meanwhile, I'm thinking your black Cadillac Escalade is a sickening way of showing the world how much of a rockstar you truly think you are.

I could buy four of my 911's for the price of this beast

I could buy four of my 911's for the price of this beast

I truly have no problem with people buying SUV's, but I do wonder what the appeal is. SUV's are massive, slow, floaty and over the top in my eyes. They are the new way of showing off your money. I miss the days of people buying Corvettes to show off. At least a Corvette driver would join me on the twisty back roads instead of blocking them with black and chrome.

I'll stick to my Porsche and Mini. Hopefully I don't get squished.

Drive on, folks!

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