In detail: the New McLaren 720s

- While James was shooting the video of the new 720S in the studio, I wielded a stills camera to take a few photos.
- The shape looks beautifully fluid and the lack of overt side intakes means it looks longer and lither than its predecessors
- The eye socket-resembling headlights are very striking and quite menacing (in that same way that the sockets in a skull are). They allow air to pass freely into the low-temperature radiators.
- The 720S is said to be 10 per cent lighter. There is a new Proactive Chassis Control II, too. Driving modes are now split into Comfort (instead of Normal), Sport and Track, mirroring its even wider breadth of ability.
- The very clean-looking flanks
- I love that the lettering on the callipers is slightly raised.
- The name may not be the most catchy, but there is no arguing with what it represents (720PS or 710bhp). Torque is up to 568lb ft (770NM)
- A clearer view of the double skin doors that channel the air into the high temperature radiators at the rear of the car
- James and Becci working hard.
- The new dihedral doors open 155mm closer to the car, making tight parking spaces more feasible.
- It's probably just the black roof, but I think there is something of the original NSX about the long low profile.
- The air brake can deploy in under half a second.
- The 720S generates 50 percent more downforce than its predecessor, yet the aero efficiency has doubled.
- The rear is very low, much like the P1. It's my favourite angle of the car and I love the way the enormous wing blends into the curves.
- The new Pirelli PZero tyres are said to be as tenacious as the old Trofeos. Test drivers have reported being a gear higher on some corners than in the 675LT.
- Thin rear lights follow the design theme started by the Sports Series cars (570S et al)
- The sound from the exhausts in Track mode is much angrier than the old 650S. In my opinion it needed to be. I hope it's got something approaching the 675LT's aggression on up-changes too.
- New cockpit is more driver-focussed.
- Lots of photos, I know, but I figured the more angles the better.
- That low rear deck.
- The M840T engine (replacing the old M838T engine) has been set lower down. It's like looking into a volcano when it's lit up.
- A rear view of the double skin doors with the air intake channel.
- The quality in the cabin is now much better, with metal where there used to be plastic.
- The information on this screen can be 'swept up' to the main instrument binnacle. Hopefully it's all rather more intuitive than the old Iris system.
- The instrument screen in its full view...
- ...and tucked away in its minimal view for greater visibility and fewer distractions.
- One of my favourite things about the original 12C was the incredible view out and that is only likely to have improved in this new car.
- The carbon fibre on the A-pillars (all part of the Monocage II) can be left visible if owners wish.
- Woking, to be specific.
- The visibility afforded by the new cockpit with its thin C-pillars really is quite remarkable.
- 0-62mph in 2.9sec 0-124mph in 7.8sec 0-186mph in 21.4sec 213mph Vmax 10.3sec standing quarter
- The twin-turbo V8 has had its swept volume increased to 4.0 litres, with the stroke increasing by 3.6mm.
- All photos were taken with a Lumix GX80 and fixed HO25 lens.

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Comments (30)

  • The problem with the McLaren line-up is that every time they launch a new car all the previous ones seam instantly meaningless

      3 years ago
  • love how it seems to focus on the driver. I do want to know what is like on the roads.

      3 years ago
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaand now I want one

      3 years ago
  • This car looks like the future, but not in any contrived or overwrought way. I haven't been the biggest fan of their previous modern cars (675 LT not withstanding), but this is genuinely beautiful in the most fascinating way.

      3 years ago
    • I'm with you, this is a beautiful progression of form and very avant garde in a way that will age well.

        3 years ago
  • Looks cool from every angle but the front.

    Those lights look absolutely shite. šŸ˜’

    From a company that makes the gorgeous 675LT and P1. I think Macca have dropped a right clanger on the styling of the 720.

      3 years ago