In detail: the new Porsche 991.2 GT3

- You can watch the full video, complete with an in-depth interview with the one and only Andreas Preuninger, over on Tribe Nation. However, as I also took some photos in the studio I thought I'd share them here.
- The silhouette might not be very different but as we know, the development of the 911 never stops.
- The big news with this latest GT3 is the reintroduction of a manual gearbox option. Owners can choose between a 7-speed PDK or the 6-speed manual that was developed for the 911 R.
- Rear axle steering has been updated again.
- New intakes sitting just beneath the rear wing. There is a ram air effect at higher speeds, bolstering the 493bhp even further - potentially by as much as 20bhp extra.
- Preuninger is a particular fan of the pinstripes on the wheels, but they are optional. Brake discs are steel as standard with PCCB an option.
- If you peer underneath the rear of the car you'll see a new diffuser - something that was also developed for the 911 R.
- With a full tank of fuel, the new GT3 weighs 1430kg.
- Top speed is 198mph with PDK or 199mph with the manual.
- Our studio car was, obviously, a PDK, which seemed a little strange.
- 0-62mph is possible in 3.4sec with PDK or 3.9sec with the manual.
- There is 20 percent more downforce compared to its predecessor, but the coefficient of drag hasn't changed.
- New intakes at the front and the nose and rear valance are made from a proprietary lightweight material first used on the RS.
- Porsche's latest version of the Cup 2 should turn in a decent lap time but not to the exclusion of working on the road in a variety of conditions.
- The design of the beautiful centre-lock wheels remains unchanged.
- They say it's nice to see a familiar face.
- The other big news is the engine. It is not simply the 4.0-litre from the RS/R. It now has a rigid valve train, new crankshaft, new pistons, it breathes better... watch the video for a full explanation.
- The changes apparently give it even better response throughout the rev range. It has a different sound to the old car too.
- 360mm diameter steering wheel, down from 380mm on the previous GT3.
- New offset stripe detail on the seats. Not sure about this to be honest.
- Unlike the R, the new GT3 won't be available with a single mass flywheel as it couldn't be made to work with the new engine.
- PDK for lap times, manual for fun.
- These beautiful lightweight fixed-back buckets are an option.
- Crest on the headrest
- I do like Guards Red
- Apparently the needle on the rev-counter actually struggles to keep up with the revs if you're flat out.
- For when you're feeling brave.
- Stitching on the transmission tunnel.
- For now we'll just have to imagine what it sounds like at 9000rpm.
- PCM is standard and there is a Track Precision app, which allows you to display, record and analyse driving data on your phone.
- I'm always rather fascinated by lights on modern cars - often miniature works of art in themselves, preserved pristine behind their covers.
- No stickers here, that's just for the RS.
- All photos taken with a Lumix GX80 and a 25mm fixed lens (50mm equivalent). For better or worse there has been no processing of the photos...

An exclusive photo gallery of the latest GT3

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