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In India, the driving licence examiner is replaced by a computer

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The driving license! This test, feared by some, is a lifetime challenge! Depending on the country, the level of requirement varies enormously and the success rates show surprising disparities! In France, for example, where the test is particularly difficult, one out of two candidates fails the driving test! Sitting in the passenger seat, the examiner is very attentive to your mistakes! But this could perhaps change...

Microsoft Research has developed a system that can replace the examiner in the long term. This system, installed in a smartphone, could evaluate you as objectively as possible without stressing you out! It is based on artificial intelligence and a GPS to determine a random examination route.

This system is already in operation in Uttarakhand, India and is ready for wider deployment in the country and even beyond, according to Microsoft. The little name of this technology? HAMS, for Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety. According to Venkat Padmanabhan, Deputy Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, artificial intelligence will easily replace human examiners and be more efficient.

Let's take a closer look at this system. It integrates the smartphone's front and rear cameras as well as other sensors to monitor the examinee. For example, it analyses the driver's viewpoint according to the situation and also evaluates the distance between the vehicle and other obstacles. This system also makes it possible to better judge the candidate's manoeuvres, such as the accuracy of parking. The system collects all the information during driving and makes statistics. Finally, it compares whether the minimum level has been reached...or not!

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