In regards to the calendar

Just going to set the record straight so have a look.

I may have left a slight bit of info for the calendar posts out so just to catch you up:

Each post will be made over the course of two days at a time.

In those two days, you are allowed comment your own suggestion for that month given the mood or atmosphere of that time.

Your picture may have 1 or 2 or even 3 (but no more if possible) cars and make sure it is in a picture perfect scene too!

Now, the voting system for each month's selection will be decided based on the most likes, so for this to happen appropriately, please only bump your own comment and the comment with the picture you like most, and I advise you post your own comment as soon as possible but leave your vote (like) after the two days.

And just give the 1 picture.

That's about it. Knock yourselves out.

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