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Either you people were just being nice (doubt it lmao) or maybe more than 1 person didn't hate my DIY SUV, so I gave something else a go.

I was hoping none of you would notice, but to be honest I think it'd be easier that I point this out before one of you end up reminding me.

Yes. I did say my home grown beauty of a brand was dead and buried. I believe my exact words were "Casio", (pause quote because yes I stole the existing company name), "is long in liquidation and has literally no demand for revival" but because of my boredom yesterday I gave it another shot. And as of this moment a whole 54% percent of you lied to me saying it was acceptable!!! Truth or not, this was the single greatest moment of mass approval (around 24 ppl in support) I had ever witnessed, and so now that I have Nate on car design, which has been really like striking gold I had no idea how good he was, I have wanted to give another car I would deem a necessity a go. This one is a lot more controversial though so feel free to hate it lmao. Anyway, I went for a saloon this time, and here is the questionable end result.

It's called, the Kordan. And while the front design is completely lobsided because I couldn't get my head around drawing from the perspective shown, I think you can imagine it wouldn't really be completely disproportionate in reality. Actually, it would be completely proportionate, as this car is built and designed solely on lines and angles. The only curvature you see here is the bonnet, which I recommend you view as a similiarity to the likes of an Audi A5. It just kind of slopes down at the last second. Anyway here's a little summary.

The Kordan:

Built on hope and a lot of erasing (perhaps not enough if you can still see it), the Kordan is the mighty sports saloon of the non-existent but hypothetical Casio range. It's wacky headlights are its centerpiece, expressing a sort of quiet moodiness that you should but will not want to love. The weird uniqueness of the car continues all round. The suicide doors add opulence and character to the car's design. The pants shaped grilles are mean and quite a lot shinier than our initial drawings suggest (just pretend there's chrome outlines or something). This boxey and all round tough super saloon really packs a punch, with it's horsepower options ranging from 260hp all the way to 575! With highest level trims also offering 0-60 times of under 4 seconds and blistering top seeds of 176!

It looks, if I may say so myself, iconic. It is a breathe of fresh air for the car industry. And speaking of fresh air, an EV powertrain will be forthcoming at a later date too! So yeah if you still have your head in the sand you have a Straight-8 cylinder engine with a tasteful tune of noise, tailored to juggle both the Kordan's respectful and playful traits, depending on which takes your fancy. It's straight lines follow through right from front to back, creating a definitive shape and style for this big sporty saloon.

Yet in all it's aggressive design cues, the Kordan manages to emit a sort of 'big softie underneath' vibe. A costly 'big softie' vibe granted, given its price range of €46,000-€61,000. But fear not, as you'll learn very quickly where all of that hard earned cash has gone to......

A super-saloon.

So? Acceptable or completely unacceptable?

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