In The Beginning: Vic Edelbrock, Sr.

- Born in 1913, in north east Kansas, Otis Victor Edelbrock was the youngest of 3 sons. Vic's earliest experience with cars came when he got a job delivering Model T's Fords in the area. Rough roads taught him impromptu repair skills.
- In '31 The Great Depression hit Kansas & Vic made his way west to California with his brothers. Saving his money, Vic soon had enough to start his own repair shop. He moved the shop a number of times, but here we see one of his L.A. shop's.
- In an effort to gain more horsepower & with the help of Tommy Thickstun, Vic designed a intake for his '32 Ford. It didn't work out as well as Vic had hoped, so Vic designed & constructed his own. It would be known as the Slingshot.
- The intake helped Vic set a record in '39 of 112.22 MPH at Rosamond Dry Lake Bed. Following his success, Vic began taking orders for his new intake design. This was the start of Edelbrock intakes.
- An avid racer, of every kind, Vic was always in search of speed. Best known for his dry lake top speed runs and midget racing, Vic also raced speed boats.
- It was no surprise that when Chevrolet came out with their OHV V-8 in '55 Vic was at the forefront of figuring out how to get the bow tie engine to make more power. The odd thing was he saw it as primarily a speed boat engine!
- Vic would go on to be inducted into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame & the SEMA Hall of Fame. Vic passed away at the age of 49 in '62, his son, Vic Jr. took over.
- One of the largest manufactures of aftermarket engine parts & offering bolt on superchargers for almost every make of U.S. automobile, Edelbrock is set to stay relevant for a long time! (Oh, they still make the sling shot intakes by the way.)

A quick look at Vic Edelbrock Sr.

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  • Great story Chris! I think I recall seeing a show where they showed Edelbrock as it is today, being run by Vic's grand-daughter?

      2 years ago
    • I'd say it's very possible. I know his son ran it for a while, but he might have retired by now.

        2 years ago