In the not so distant future I'm planning to build a GT car of my own design from scratch. This GT car has been kicking round in my brain for to long to stay there so it came out on paper about a two years ago. I've looked around on the Web and YouTube the lot not seen anything that will quench my thirst for such a car I have in mind. So the only thing that can be done is well... build one myself.

Now before the nay sayers "ohh you won't be able to do that it's complicated and expensive" yes it is completely mad and I'm fully aware of the cost that it will require to do such a thing. But that's not going to stop me.

I would like to add I've got a engineering background so I have a mind for such challenges and I know it's not impossible because it's been done by many people before.

This post is the documented start of the journey, the last two years don't really count and nobody finds technical drawings interesting let's be honest.

The main hold back is contacts to people of know how and know who, I'm not saying that I will be able to do this all myself. There's lots of parts that I can't manufacturer myself with the income I have so components such as the engine a gear box will have to be sourced. I've got I idea on such a engine the 1UZ is a great candidate for a GT car, coupled to a 4 speed mid-engine gear box. Oh did I mention that the engine will be in the front as well. Yeah it will be very different.

So yeah this is like a call out to the better connected motorists than myself to drop a line to be apart of my project.

Also considered a YouTube channel to go through he build process much like binky project from the badmotorsport obsession channel.

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