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In the spring, I'm planning on buying an Xbox. Which one should I buy?
  • A used Xbox One
  • A new Xbox Series S
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  • I'm probably gonna use my xbox one until it breaks.

      1 month ago

      I said the same thing last week and now the HDMI port won’t send signal to the TV. They are like old cars, brilliant up until you mention there brilliance, then they will strand you

        4 days ago
  • Series S, much more affordable

      1 month ago
  • i have a one x rn, i’ll probably keep it until it’s completely out of steam, i would’ve got a Series X but i need a Macbook for college and a new car so the Xbox can wait :)

      1 month ago
  • Go for the series s. You will then get all the new exclusive games that won't be for the xbox 1. Also it will probably be faster and most importantly newer.

      1 month ago
  • ATARI 2600 or bust!

      1 month ago


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