In the Unique AMP Car Hides Alfa Romeo and Maserati

One-of-a-kind race car, created in 1947, was given the very short name AMP

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One-of-a-kind race car, created in 1947, was given the very short name AMP. Two well-known noble names, Alfa and Maserati, were encoded into this abbreviation of letters, and the third, Prete, is mostly known only to experts.

After World War II, Placido Prete managed to buy 1939 Maserati 4CL one-seater (chassis # 1566) for a war pilot and mechanic from Rome (not named in the AMP emblem). Although, it had a slight defect. Before the engine malfunctioned, the car was previously driven by a Neapolitan Giovanni Rocco. A vehicle that participated in most serious races was sold for pennies because it was not possible to find a replacement engine and participate in the highest-level Grand Prix.

AMP Prete ©

AMP Prete ©

The 4CL chassis is said to have shown serious problems in its last race in 1939, and Maserati replaced the model with the newer 4CLT, where "T" in the name means tubular chassis.

Jeep steering wheel, Beetle mirror

Being aware of the ever-changing restrictions for racing cars and lacking the resources needed to race, the inventive Prete decided to turn it into a sports car for roads, better suited to compete in Targa Florio and Mille Miglia. A lot of sweat was shed while this one-seater was converted into a two-seater. The car had a gearbox without a synchronizer taken from Alfa Romeo 6C 2300. Even though it is not as sophisticated as the creation of Maserati brothers, but it had a reliable 6-cylinder, 2.4-litre engine.

AMP Prete ©

AMP Prete ©

Modifications and carburettors that were taken from Stromberg aircraft allowed to increase the power to 200 HP. The body was made of tubing, but the suspension, differential and brakes remained the same as in the original Maserati products. However, for practical reasons, less noble details have appeared in the car. The steel three-spoke steering wheel is used from the Jeep, and the rear-view mirror is taken from the Beetle. Weighing around 630 kg, the vehicle could reach 240 km/h maximum speed.

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