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In these strange and isolated times, Glym9 Garage more than ever has been a sanctuary to us. Some plans, like converting the bar to a vinyl café with a high end turntable and big horn speakers with 15-inch bass drivers, have been delayed because of Covid-19 - no rush as long as we can't hold album listening sessions for the time being - which gives us time to think things through and allocate funds. As soon as we can accommodate more than the odd individual visitor again however, this is the direction in which we are going to move - bringing music and car/bike cultures together.
Although Glym9 sometimes has been described as the ultimate man-cave, I never saw it that way. Instead of isolating ourselves from the rest of the world including family, we want to throw our doors wide open and communicate the culture and the things that matter to us, to any- and everyone who wants to listen.
Which is to say - don't be a stranger, especially these days. Soon enough we can throw parties again like we did when Speed Eight Performance launched the Red Label spec - as you can see the car is apart again, being developed further into the Black Label which will see it sporting a carbon fibre hybrid chassis among other things - but guidelines permitting we haven't barricaded our doors just yet...

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