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In this article I am going to talk about the vans I drive at work and there differences. Some of you will know what company these van are from but I’m not going to put the name in this article.

In the last few weeks we have taken on a new face lift Mercedes sprinter which is very different compared to the sprinters we already have, the new one has a completely new front end and a newly revamped interior with sporty seats a sporty steering wheel and an all black dashboard.

This new van takes a bit of getting used to where the older style sprinter which we have 8 of is very easy to drive and feels familiar to driving a car.
These vans are all automatic with the gear lever on the older ones being on the dashboard like a lot of vans where the new one has a column shift with flappy paddles.
In the pictures there is an iveco daily which is one of our spare vans and that is extremely difficult and different to drive with the steering wheel being at the angle of an old bus and the gearbox being a semi auto which at the time Iveco were very proud of.

Now all these vans do the same thing and it’s always personal preference to which we like to drive but in my personal opinion the older style sprinter which we are loosing in a few weeks are the best.

If you have driven any of these I would love to know your thoughts on them and if there are any better vans out there

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