Incessant nonsense in referal to what's in the news of late.

Nothing too exciting, just some discussing.

577hp courtesy of Korea:

Obviously this was going to be high up on the agenda, but I find it quite exciting. For those who don't know Kia showcased the power of the EV6 'GT' by throwing it into what looks like a quarter mile against a 570s, AMG-GT, California T and other big star supercars. Ok granted it didn't win, the McLaren did. But beating high famed dream cars from super-manufacturers in a crossover built in South Korea would've seemed slightly ambitious a year ago. In fact it seemed ambitious until I was directed to the race video itself. I thought this was really cool, but my family didn't share the same excitement when I tried to tell them. Still maybe my sister shut the door out of shock at the news. I'm still trying to figure out how it resembles a frog as is being suggested, but to no avail.

A frog.

A frog.

This is a frog I found online. I doubt it can do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.

Bentley's milestone:

Unlike announcing that they've hit 13.32k bumps and 47 followers, Bentley remembered that it's less sappy looking if they save they're big hullabaloo moments for actual milestones. And this came recently when their 200,000th car 'rolled off the production line' as is the common phrase. This made me happy because I've been learning to like the Bentayga a lot more, although that's too little too late given it's leaving or left Europe at this point. I like Bentley, I reckon actually that the now locally dead luxo-SUV is actually doing quite a bit of the talking on the sales side of things.

I'm still more interested in this though:

Not me stealing images from Top Gear.

Not me stealing images from Top Gear.

And that's bad actually. Rolls don't have it so good with the SUV game, suffering in sales for the Cullinan. Doesn't seem madly popular on Drivetribe but I guess that explains why I like it so much.

Phone makers are forgetting what they build:

Oh yeah, here's a story that I'm putting under the bad news category. Ever heard of Xiaomi? If not join the club. Anyway they make phones right now, but early on set dementia has their CEO forgetting that's what they do and so they are now 'considering' the production of their own car. Ok so it's not set in stone, but usually I dont think that's a good idea. I guess my only hesitance is brought on as a result of the Samsung/Apple offerings to date. Although who knows what's happening with them either.

Nah ah.

Nah ah.

Black Mirror Nosedive vibes. The battle for 'most noticable piece of technological innovation plonked into a car' could possibly be overriding and belittling the interests of the car as an entity itself. A deep thought. Of course the most likely instance of phone companies entering into the automotive industry is through partnerships with motor brands like that of the Renault/Samsung partnership over in Asia. Who knows what'll come of all this talk.

Oh wait back to the actual news, yeah Xiaomi are proposing a car or something blah blah blah I don't think it's a good idea but hey we'll see.

Suffice to say I am hugely fond of what's been shown here.

Suffice to say I am hugely fond of what's been shown here.

Now despite the hesitation towards phone and other tech giants offering cars that I fear would be unidealistic, unimaginative designed and engineered, that picture represrnt what's being done, and honestly it counter argues everything I previously proposed. Trouble is pictures shouldn't and I assure you, won't solidify anything on the matter. Consider it a first hand reaction. But on this particular occasion, I'll be keeping a keen eye open.

ohhh my god yeah how did I forget the Mini:

Having never watched Formula E I shouldn't be the very person I passionately detest who just says 'Oh I hate it' because it represents electricity in a car. However as a loving Formula 1 fan in what, the last 2 or so years, of course that steals my preference. But not for long....

Enter--_--_--_-- 'The Pacesetter'. Not a very gasp worthy name but it's no James Bond car and that's ok. It's a Mini and so it's even better than that. Orange wheels, orange grille (can I call that a grille still?) iconic circular lights and a very chirpy little EV is the end result. I am now ditching F1 for good because having seen this, I decided british racing green Aston Martins no longer suit my visual needs. And damn I was happy when I saw the Mercedes were out the window in the emission series....

And so there is no more news:

Big lie there, other headlines I can't find the energy to write an unimportant 3 and a half lines about include Volvo's latest push on 'self driving trucks', McLaren said Danny Ric raced with a damaged car during the Bahrain GP, meaning it's a good thing none of my friends are Danny Ric fans or they're gonna be ranting all over....... oh wait....

Anyway while I prepare to get lectured on the fact that structural damage was the only reason Lando bet Daniel in Bahrain, hope you enjoyed and while I'm here thank you for allowing me 200 clearly blind followers. Goodbye.

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