Latest offering from McLaren’s MSO skunkworks division is the 570S perfected.

This, is the latest offering from McLaren’s MSO skunkworks division. Essentially the ‘pimp my ride’ department of McLaren, MSO (McLaren Special Operations) is best known for dressing up ‘regular’ Mac’s in fancy frocks and charging ludicrous amounts for the privilege. It’s called, the MSO X, which sounds not dissimilar to a strain of bitcoin code. It has tow straps, a rear wing about the same size as one of Heathrow’s landing strips and ‘goose neck’ carbon fibre roof snorkel. It looks, fan-bloody-tastic. And you can’t have one.

McLaren claim that the MSO X was “designed and engineered with race car emulation as the primary focus, but still road legal”; which, in real world speak, translates to “less comfortable, more compromised and about as practical as a handle-less hammer”. Brilliant. Numbers, unusually, are scarce, leaving us to believe that any changes to the engine’s outputs to be infinitesimal. This matters not. The ‘standard’ cars’ 419kW and 600Nm are plentiful, and enough to propel the 1313kg 570S to 100 clicks in 3.2 seconds. That said, the MSO X does come with a specially configured MSO titanium super sports exhaust which should help extract at least a few more killer wasps from the 3.8 litre V8 and perk up the non-MSO 570S’ slightly, ahem, pedestrian exhaust note. And before you slam the obnoxious rear-wing, know that it does in fact contribute to, near as makes no difference,100kg of downforce; which is like having a sumo’s leg being plonked onto the rear at speed, aiding stability and improving traction. Inside, MSO have redesigned the centre console to bare greater resemblance to the one found in their GT4 racer meaning that there’s lots of exposed carbon and alcantara-covered-everything, from the seats to the steering wheel to the doors to… you get the point.

Commissioned by US retailer, McLaren Newport Beach in California, the MSO X is limited exclusively to 10 units. All of which are sold. This is no surprise. Which is why we’re currently looking into a hitman to, err, ‘free up’ an allocation spot*… It’s no secret- we want one.

*For legal reasons, we would like to clarify that this was a legitimate joke. Defining Drives does not actively endorse the use of assassins as a means of securing limited build slots for rare supercars.

Photography Credit: Manufacturer

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  • Great piece, and very amusing. Good to have you back.

      3 years ago
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  • Stunning car!

      3 years ago
  • Well, seeing as I can't have it, I might just...

      3 years ago