incredible £50million ducati collection

1y ago


What you're looking at is simply the most comprehensive collection of Ducati race bikes outside of their museum in Bologna.

Tony O'Neill is the guy who put this collection together, and he doesn't really like to shout about it too often. This is the reason that information on his collection is very hard to come by. He let Motorcycle News in for a look a decade ago, and since then the odd blurry shot of new bikes appear.

Yes, those are Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden's GP11 machines in the middle.

It's almost impossible to list what he has in his collection, but his garage is big enough to fit a few fighter jets in, too. There are a couple of Harriers and a Jaguar fighter, as well as spare engines and even a missile on the wall. Just in case...

Footworks Arrows from 1991. Needs a bit of air in the tyres and it's good to go.

Some of the early Ducati GP bikes and a prototype test mule

Corser and Fogarty WSB machines. These are the real deal - no replicas here

Just a casual jet engine in the back, sitting among the spares.

Here's MCN's old video of his collection - its poor quality is due to the age of the clip.