Indian Streets Explained | Episode - 1

1y ago


India has a completely different mindset when it comes to traffic lights. Green means go, yellow means go faster and red means there's still a chance. This video tells you how this misconception leads to chaos.

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  • When I've driven in India people jumping traffic lights and jams were the least of my problems. Far more dangerous were the people driving on the wrong side of the road, especially at night when they also failed to use headlights!

    Also in your video where are the rickshaws, motorbikes, hand carts, bicycles and elephants also trying to push their way through? Or the pedestrians trying to cross while all this is going on? (My personal experience driving across Delhi when the ring road was inexplicably closed)

    1 year ago
    • Thank you, ​Fiona, your comment is an inspiration for episode 2. :)

      1 year ago
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    • Have you ever spoken to the truckers to find out why they drive on the wrong side of the road at night with no lights? I have, it was very err.....enlightening!

      1 year ago


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