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Indianapolis Motor Speedway and ALL of Indycar to be bought by Penske Corp

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At some point in my life, I want to have enough money to wake up and not worry about choosing store-brand versus name-brand, but I would also like to be like Roger Penske, who has enough money to buy a race track, and an entire racing league with it. Hulman & Co announced the sale this morning to Penske, as well as Penske Entertainment Group, with a press conference happening as I type this out.

While there weren't any initial financial details, I can't imagine a 110-year-old racetrack, the Hall of Fame, and all of IndyCar ends in a price with a "-995" at the end of it.

Ryan Briscoe (left), Hélio Castroneves (center), and Roger Penske (right) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Miller Lite Carb day for the 2009 Indianapolis 500 on Friday, May 22, 2009.

This is just another day in the life of the 82-year-old racing team owner. Last month he was given a Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump. Penske and Penske Corp. have big plans for the track and are aware of how the track plays a role in the local economy. Penske Corp employs roughly 64,000 employees and brings in roughly $32 billion in revenue.

The Takeaway

In a world where automakers are being run by accountants and not car enthusiasts, it warms my heart to know that the real car enthusiasts are still in charge of the sports. Penske has been a valuable member of the automotive industry, from his moving solutions company, to almost buying Saturn back in 2009, the legacy continues with the acquisition of IMS and IndyCar, and I think that both entities will be better for it. \

Are you excited about Penske buying IMS and IndyCar? Will it be biased considering Penske also owns a racing team? Comment Below!

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    Richard Childress: ‘I’m rich’

    Gene Haas: ‘I’m very rich’

    Roger Penske: ‘Hold my beer’

    8 days ago
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  • Kyle,

    Thanks for the news!

    Penske's operations are first class all the way. I bought my current daily driver (a Prius plug-in hybrid) and my Mazda MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary Edition at two of his auto dealerships. I can't wait to see the improvements he makes to IMS and IndyCar.

    Hopefully those improvements will spill over into the one IndyCar race that I cover each year: the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. I also hope that Penske will bring IndyCar back to his former racetrack in Southern California: Auto Club Speedway (formerly known as California Speedway). At IndyCar's final race there, I saw and took photos of IndyCars racing five-wide into the turn at the end of the front straight. That was incredible. They need to race there again!



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