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Indycar Confirms Meetings with Engine Manufacturers

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Ever since the disastrous outing that was Lotus's attempt to build an Indycar engine, America's premiere open wheel series has been stuck with only two engine suppliers, Chevrolet and Honda. And while the rivalry between the two has been fierce (although decidedly less so since the advent of the aerokit regulations) limitations by the manufactures themselves have reduced the Indycar field and left the series to run a sham of a 'Bump Day' come May.

That, however, looks to change, as Jay Frye, Indycar Competition President, confirmed to Racer magazine this week that Indycar was indeed talking with multiple manufacturers about the possibility of entering the sport.

"Since the season ended, we've organized meetings with some prospects and had some follow-up meetings with manufacturers we'd met with before." Frye said. "The good news is they're paying attention to what we're doing and have a lot of curiosity in what we're doing."

While there are no indications of who the potential new supplier might be, rumors have swirled that everyone from Ford to Mazda to some division of Volkswagen's massive stable of cars may want to jump in the mix. All that is idle speculation, however, but signs to look promising that either Ford or Mazda may want to jump in. Ford, with their desire to place their name back atop winning marquees as displayed by their Le Mans effort makes sense as a new supplier, as does Mazda, who already sponsor and power 2 of the feeder series to Indycar.

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