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IndyCar: Marcus Ericsson enthused after first test

By RACER.com staff

2y ago

Marcus Ericsson’s enthusiasm for the next chapter of his racing career ramped up a few extra notches when he tested his Schmidt-Peterson Honda IndyCar for the first time at Sebring on Tuesday.

“This sort of gets me back to why I fell in love with racing,” Ericsson told IndyCar.com. “F1 is always going to be F1, you know? But it’s sort of a bit artificial in some ways. You always go to these perfect places, and that’s not racing, I would say. This takes me back to the passion of racing.”


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The 29-year-old Swede arrives in IndyCar after five seasons in F1 with Caterham and Sauber, and quickly developed a sense for the differing demands of the two series.

“As a driver, you have to work this car a lot more,” Ericsson said. “F1 always starts from perfection, whereas here you have to deal with the car you have and then sort of perfect it. It’s a lot more work from the driver. That’s the biggest difference.”

SPM general manager Taylor Kiel was equally happy with what he saw after Ericsson’s first day in the cockpit.

“I’m totally impressed with his outlook on this test,” Kiel said. “It’s difficult for a driver to come into a test and not be focused on the lap times, right? Just to get in the car, understand it, really take the time to understand the nuances: how you come into pit lane, what you do when you’re in pit lane, and what you do when you leave pit lane – all of the things we’re going to ask him to do on track. He’s responded very quickly to that.”


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