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Indycar to Alter Tire Allotments

Series organizers are debating giving rookies and under-performing teams an extra set of tires per weekend

3y ago

Indycar's competition department revealed Monday that they are considering giving rookies and drivers running outside the top 10 in points a chance to use an extra set of tires over the course of a race weekend.

"The first part of the rule has merit for the rookies because they will benefit from putting more laps in the books," Indycar Competition President Jay Frye told RACER magazine, "And with the second part of the rule, it gives each race promoter more opportunities to have more drivers out and practicing."

Frye expanded by saying that many teams restrict their Friday practice runnings because of their desire to withhold a fresh set of rubber for the race.

It's hoped that by giving teams an extra set of tires to use during the course of a race weekend, more drivers will take to the track during Friday and Saturday practice, adding to the atmosphere and excitement of a race weekend.

The announcement comes as the series continues its attempts to 'spice up the action' ahead of its upcoming television contract re-negotiations.

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