Inexpensive mods that will make your car look better!

And no, I'm not talking about the AutoZone wings or hood scoops..

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Blacked-out emblems

A simple and cheap exterior modification to help improve the looks on your car is blacking out the car's emblems. Since chrome can be seen as too tacky for sportier cars in a company's lineup, most choose to black out the logo, such as the 'Civic' lettering on the back of the Type R is chrome from factory, we decided to replace it with black chrome lettering and the process was pretty easy, just use some scotch tape to outline the emblem or letters you replace, use a heat gun, peel the emblem or word off and replace the new one back inside of the taped boundaries. You can find replacements on Amazon or Ebay for $10-$20 USD. If there are no black replacement logos or emblems for the car, find an alternative logo but try and avoid re-badging your car as something else, it's not worth embarrassing yourself over.

License plate frames

For starters, try out a custom license plate frame. I'd recommend getting a carbon fiber frame with the vehicle manufacturer on the bottom, or just plain carbon, however you want it. It tends to make a huge difference since the license plate is one of the most visible parts on the outside of the car. Or, if you have the dealership plate frame on, try removing it to make the car look more clean. The process of removing and replacing is easy af. Just get a flathead or phillips screwdriver to take off or put on the frame. Prices range from $15-$50 USD.


A site I'd most recommend for this is TireRack. Though some of the rims can reach prices upwards of $500 USD, there is also pretty decent ones for lower prices such as these grey machined ones, just $84 per rim (but we settled on a different set of rims lol)! If you are looking for the cheapest of the cheap rims, set the sorting from featured to price low to high. There are wheels for pretty much any production vehicle available on TireRack!

LED Headlights

I have started seeing this modification on older cars and it looks a lot better than the crappy yellow bulb lights that you see on a big majority of them. The LED headlights have a significant increase in brightness and are available for a vast majority of everyday cars. Although not visible during the day (unless the fog lights are on), it will still make a huge difference at dusk or later on and gives off a vibe that the car is more modern when getting a glimpse of the LED headlights. Prices range from $40-$90 USD and can last twice as long as traditional bulbs!

Thanks for reading!

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Comments (8)

  • Faux CF only ever made cars look more lame.

      15 days ago
    • If it was a real carbon plate frame, it would only be around $50 which aint that bad

        14 days ago
  • I agree with everything on this list, i’d say in terms of wheels, invest in wheels that will reduce the unsprung weight because it makes a HUGE difference

      12 days ago
  • I agree but you can't buy backed logos for all cars, I have a normal black frame, I don't like krome onea

      14 days ago
    • Headlights are the best to do

        14 days ago
    • Yes i am aware of the logos. For example, Kia's have alternative badges which you can replace the chrome ones

        14 days ago
  • That are some gr8 mods , gr8 job man

      15 days ago