Inferior Greatness

2y ago


I spent a good few hours looking through the 2017 motorsport calendars the other night, adding dates to my diary of the events I would like to get to and shoot this coming season.

There's heaps of variety on offer, and many premium events that are easily attend-able; The Grand Prix, WEC, Silverstone Classic, Festival of Speed...the list goes on, but looking through all these dates, I suddenly had a brain fart: Small events big pictures.

I mean, everyone like to snap pics of the big ones and show them off. Your folio has far more muscle if it's packed full of F1 images, rather than the Caterham Cup and you'll achieve much more notoriety, no? Well, in a word, no. At least I don't think so.

Good images are good images, regardless of the subject.

Suddenly, I realised that it's not the event that makes the images...it's me. Now call me stupid, but there no reason why shots from the GT amateur cup cannot look like F1's finest. They just need taking.and I see no reason as to why I can't take frames of the Formula 4 to the same standard as I have one at Formula 1.

I just have to take them.

So that's my challenge for the coming (and my 2nd) season shooting motorsport photography. Shoot a variety of events, big and small, but all portrayed to the same creative, photographical standards through out.

I think this will be a real a challenge. Wish me luck.

Catch up with all my work this coming season through my photoblog at richwebb.co.uk and please let me know what you think. Opinion is everything.