Infiniti Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech – First Drive

    7 months ago


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    Infiniti Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech – First Drive

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    Ben Hodges posted in
    Live And Let Drive

    At Millbrook Proving Ground I was able to get behind the wheel of the Infiniti Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech. Now, I didn’t actually drive the car on the road, but I did manage several laps of the fearsome alpine course at Millbrook. Here are my initial thoughts on my drive.

    Firstly the headline numbers that the Q60S produces are huge, you get 400bhp from a new 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 twin-turbo engine, and 350-ib-ft of torque which puts this car right up there with the ‘M’ and ‘AMG’ badge wearing models.

    To get all this massive power to the road the Q60S is equipped with a seven-speed automatic gearbox, sadly there is no manual option. Drive is then sent to the road via the all-wheel-drive system.

    So, It’s Got Huge Power But Is It Any Good?

    At Millbrook the Q60S showed itself to be formidable in the tight twisting corners and monstrously quick on the straights. The 0-62mph time is 5.0 seconds, I can safely say that reaching this speed from a standing start is almost effortless thanks the frantic 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine, it emits a fantastic sound and hauls this 1879kg leviathan of car along at a pace that will have the horizon blurring in front of you.

    Given for how heavy the Q60S is, the way the engine pulls the car along is staggering. This new twin-turbo engine features such smart tech as water-to-air intercooling, variable valve timing and direct injection which all help contribute to the frantic pace this thing is capable of.

    How Does It Handle With All That Weight?

    The Q60S features a reworked version of Infinti’s DAS system (Direct Assisted Steering), it’s essentially been recalibrated to offer improved feeling in the steering department. For starters, if you’re used to a more traditional set-up then it feels a bit odd at first.

    Millbrook proving ground is a very bumpy track in places, but thanks the DAS setup the wheel didn’t tug left or right as I drove over the bumps at speed; this helps the driver as it make the Q60S a very easy car to attack the corners in. The responsiveness was spot on from the off, with literally zero delay in reaction from the turn of the wheel to the car changing direction. Putting it bluntly the Q60S is super quick at changing direction.

    Add to the AWD system to the mix and the Q60S becomes a bit of a weapon in the corners. This is partially down to the adaptive dampers, a first for an Infiniti. I drove the car in Sport+ setting which makes it all a bit more hardcore – the engine gives you an increased throttle response, while the gearbox is in its quickest mode along giving the steering a little more weight. All of this comes together to give the Q60S massive levels of grip. As you corner it hard you can feel the system working beneath you moving the power around to whichever wheel needs it most.

    Initial Verdict

    The Q60S is a very quick car on a track and is huge fun to drive. It’s also a visually striking car that is vastly better specced than its nearest rivals. I strongly feel that it performs equally as well on road, once I get more time with one I will deliver a full verdict.

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