Influencers are ruining luxury cars

Thanks to the talentless and toxic YouTubers and TikTokers, the image of the luxury car is being ruined.

2w ago

There was a time when luxurious cars were synonymous with sophistication and talent, as most people who had them possessed those exact traits. Thanks however to the rise of mega-popular internet personalities, those supercars have fallen into the hands of questionable people.

There's for example the utterly reckless and COVID-denying Jake Paul, who owned a Tesla Model X, or the up-and-coming Topper Guild, who owns a Lamborghini, and whose "prank" and "challenge" videos will literally make your brain deteriorate.

Such "pranks" really dissuade me from aspiring to a lifestyle of luxury.

Such "pranks" really dissuade me from aspiring to a lifestyle of luxury.

Then there's Alex Warren from TikTok's Hype House - I prefer the name 'Talentless Collective' - who sparked criticism in January when he destroyed his girlfriend's old Toyota with his G-Wagen, only to give the Mercedes SUV to her after destroying the car.

I understand that maybe I'm beginning to sound like a 21st century Mary Whitehouse, but for us car enthusiasts this is an important issue that we have to address.

Because influencers like these constantly flex their cars in their videos in order to demonstrate their wealth, the cars and their luxurious status are becoming synonymous with a lifestyle of debauchery and superficiality. At this point, it would be better for internet personalities to own Skodas or Dacias, because at least then they would appear "normal" and relatable.

I'm not saying that we should ban influencers from purchasing expensive cars, but what I am saying is that these people should be more reserved and self-aware when making videos in which they demonstrate their wealth through their cars, because they have influence over billions of young people who idealise them, and it would be depressing if they start striving to achieve such rambunctious lifestyle that could lead them down the wrong path.

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Comments (18)

  • Thank God someone has finally said it. These brain dead overpaid morons are ruining car culture and giving us a bad rep.

      15 days ago
  • It is extremely concerning that these spoiled jerks acting inappropriately online are influencing younger demographics. I think now would be the best time for these exotic manufacturers to start being antagonistic to their customers again.

      15 days ago
  • If this is what kids idolize, the next generation is doomed.

      15 days ago
  • Bastards! If only people that truly appreciate cars are able to buy luxury cars. Doing these things will only tarnish the image of them.

      15 days ago
  • Unfortunately, this is what it’s come down too.. technology is a double edged sword. 😔

    I weep for the future…

      14 days ago