Influencers Don't Engage - Now "Super Chat" Revenue?


One of the biggest challenges that social media influencers have is putting time aside for engagement. Personalities are frequently on the road filming and in post production, and often don't see value in scheduling time for feedback. Will You Tube's "SUPER CHAT" change these dynamics? Now there is a new means of revenue and an incentive for responding to your audience. Granted, there are pros and cons to everything (regarding how much the social media platform skims off the top). Picture the trio going live and fielding questions. The feedback chat just spins with the number of people entering questions. With "SUPER CHAT" you bid to be seen over others in the chat. Is this a win win? If your question is important you may want it to be seen. From the host's end, as they cut through the weeds, they may see "super chat" questions as serious questions and not silly banter. Please share your thoughts in the comments! - Migz

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  • Oh no here comes Migz clipping cloths pins to his ears! That's kind of a cool idea!

      1 year ago


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