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Initial D, I hear you ask, what is it or what does it stand for....

You may not know but Initial D is a Japanese publishing juggernaut of a comic book, totaling 48 volumes between 1995 and 2013.

The series even managed to spawn an anime cartoon series of the same name running from 1998 to 2014 which culminated in a 2005 live action movie adaption.

It was even was adapted for the PS3 by Sega with the title 'Initial D Extreme Stage' released in 2008:

I actually imported a copy of this game and played it to completion which considering around 50% of the menus are in complete Japanese is pretty good (I may have had a friend translate once or twice for me).

The greatest thing about this game was the fact that it was pretty much the anime series contained within a video game, like for like overall. The fact that it was a tough game drifting down a mountainside by night in an AE86 Corolla with only your headlights for company.

To this day Sega still maintains the Arcade version of Initial D including tournaments and everything!.

What has always amazed me most about the whole Initial D culture is that in the stories the cars are usually always discreetly modified and based as far as I can tell on real world mechanics and modifications which is something to be applauded in our current world of CGI based Fast & Furious movies (I am a fan of F&F but it's hardly real world).

Even more suprising is that Initial D also has its own museum exhibit in the Yokata Museum in Japan.

This is a show that we can all binge watch with the best of them, lets campaign for Netflix to get it online so we can watch it all in a weekend......

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