Initial D to get a reboot of sorts....

Will it be like Initail D or will it be popular in it's own right in these modren times?

4d ago

News has surfaced from Japan on January 4th, that an anime adaption of the MF Ghost, the sequel to JDM car culture series Initial D, is currently in the works. The Initial D sequel anime will air in Japan sometime in 2023. Yes I know another year, till it's screened in Japan and god knows how long it will take to reach us here in Europe!

A teaser trailer released along with the MF Ghost anime announcement. Focused entirely on racing cars, I'm already looking forward to it, let's hope it features some JDM classic cars such as an AE86, Silvia's, Skylines etc. A Toyota 86, Lamborghini Huracan, and Ferrari 488 GTB speed on Japanese Touge mountain roads with camera drones following them.

This will be the best 52 seconds of you life to today!

It take place in the year 202X in the same universe as Initial D. Can we take from the date that the year 202X is some time in the not to distant future? While self driving cars have become the norm in the universe’s regular traffic, racers can still participate in manned car races called MFG.

So what's the story behind it? The story is of Kanata Livington, an English-Japanese driver who graduated from a racing school in England and was trained by Initial D‘s protagonist Takumi Fujiwara.

How will the story develop is anyone's guess but let's just hope it's true to JDM car culture and nothing like any of the other modren day, unrealistic cartoons or shows.

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  • Nice. Hope they have the original AE86 in it though!

      3 days ago