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4y ago

When i go to car shows there is one thing that springs out at me, you look left and there are a billion Subaru Imprezas all showing off their bright blue paintjobs and gold alloy wheels, you look right and there are an equal amount of Honda Civics which blend in so well with each other. There's no personality to them its almost like they saw a similar car to their own and said to themselves "looks good ill just do that, get me those precious scene points."

MX5's on the other hand have a different story, you look across the various stands and you see a patchwork quilt of different styles and innovative ideas. The Platform offers owners a chance to inject their personality and really make their car part of them. From roller-painted stanced cars with Huge BGW's to the fully track prepared cars with full roll cages and preivous battlescars. Why is this? i have met so many owners and never found the same kind of personality, Never the same ideas.

Maybe price is a big part of it, you can pick up a good example for under £1,500 and unlike a shiny 6 year old 370z your not worried about depreciation and such things that matter to someone spending 11k. Maybe its the platform, the MX5 has proven its salt on the track providing a fun experience with low costs, a trackday will cost you upwards of £170, this opens up the opportunity for the everyman to go out have fun without it breaking the bank, The MX5 also makes a competent Drift car, if installed with a good limited slip or welded differential it can skid with s13's and bmw's all day. It even looks great f*kin low with hellaflush wheels. the possibilities are endless.

So in conclusion its cheap, drives like its on rails, easy to work on and ticks all those styling boxes. It appeals to the masses and you can take it in any direction you choose, once you get past the hairdressing jokes...

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