- When I recently jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, I never realized how much next level "parts and crafts" artists was out there.

Innovative Upcycled Instagram Finds

I recently joined Instagram, and discovered some fantastic artists and makers taking the "parts and crafts" concept to the next level

14w ago

When I first created my "Parts and Crafts" small tribe many moons ago, my original intent was just to share some wonderful, weird and amazing ways people have utilized old car, bike, plane or train parts in artistic and practical ways and maybe share a couple of easy all ages DIYs as well.

Since then, the tribe has evolved beyond that (hopefully in a positive way), but still puts creativity in the "driver's seat," as it were.

This week, I wanted to return to the simpler days of photo posting, by promoting a few artists I have run across since my recent venture in the social media site, Instagram. I joined the site like most other fledgling artists as way to promote my work, and discover and support the works of others, and I hardly realized how my incredible talent and creative thinking is out there from all over the world.

Here are a just four of the shops and makers I ran across, and a link to their sites or feeds:

Finish Line Furnishings

This UK based shop has items as simple as took repaints for holiday decorating to full scale furniture items for indoors and patio. Find them at instagram.com/finishlinefurnishings/.

Images: Finish Line Furnishing via Instagram

Images: Finish Line Furnishing via Instagram

Machine Age Lamps

Based in Minnesota, this shop takes old dashboards, engine blocks, pipes, computer, airplane and boat parts and turns them into steampunk and industrial lighting, lamps, tables and more. They aren't inexpensive (the 427 Shelby engine block table is more than $8,000), but the craftsmanship looks incredible. Find them at: machineagelamps.com.

A section of the Instagram page from Machine Age Lamps.

A section of the Instagram page from Machine Age Lamps.

The Fuselage

This Nashville business, owned by Anna Cox, takes plane parts and makes some beautiful industrial art and furniture, particularly wall art. Most designs highlight the place windows, and really look sleek: find them on Instagram or Etsy at Instagram at The Fuselage.

Instagram images from The Fuselage

Instagram images from The Fuselage

Upcycled Skate Art

It may not be planes, trains are automobiles, but growing up in the 70s and 80s with a big brother, skateboarding was certainly a viable mode of transportation, and this dudes from Santa Cruz, California are taking old, worn boards and turning them into beautiful pieces of woodwork, such as colorful pots. Even non skaters will love these "life after decks" pieces. Find them at upcycledskateart.com or on Facebook and Instagram.

Images from the Instagram page of Upcycled Skate Art.

Images from the Instagram page of Upcycled Skate Art.

We have seen and heard a lot about small businesses and independent sellers losing everything from some profits to their entire livelihood. My best suggestion for people wanting to help is to support small shops and independent sellers. With any luck, I've given you all a few places to start looking.

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