- The Dhabiyan The Largest SUV in the World Pic Credit: Geek.com

Insane Monster SUV Exists in the form of 10 Wheel SUV

I like Monster Truck's they are Fun Toys, You can jump them and use them to race like on Monster Jam, I never thought of a Monster SUV and it exists and has a name, it’s called ‘The Dhabiyan’.

10 Wheel Monster SUV

The Dhabiyan was put together with parts of a Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Dart and an Oshkosh M1075 Military Truck. What you get when put it all together is a 10 wheel monster SUV that even Victor Frankenstein would wonder what it is for.

24 Tonnes with a 15.2 l 6-cylinder engine.

So who wanted this, a wealthy Sheikh and this insane build was his idea. So much so has even put it up on his instagram account. Well, how was it done?...the SUV holds the original frame and 15.2 litre 6-cylinder 600 bhp diesel engine of the military truck and the Jeep Wrangler forms the driving Component. It sports the rear bumper of a Dodge Dart and headlights from a Ford.

It is crazy big, so big that it weighs 24 tonnes. These 24 tonnes shows when it is 3.2 meters tall, 2.5 meters wide and 10.8 meters long and has 10 Wheels. Finding a parking spot is going to be a nightmare. I also wonder how does he know the distance between the front of the Dhabiyan and the vehicle in front of it, since the driving component is so far behind, and what if the car in front of it is a low car like a Lamborghini which goes from underneath a toll booth bar.

I just have to say this, based on the size and work gone into creating this, it is an impressive build, I never thought something like the Dhabiyan would exist but it does.

On the road next to a regular SUV. Pic Credits: jagran.com

What is remarkable is that the wealthy Sheikh that had this built has reportedly an impressive collection of off-roaders, supercars, classic cars and even a monster truck, and when you have a monster truck why would you need a monster SUV. Well if you want to see it in the flesh, it is in a museum in the UAE, and this is according to online information.

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